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Age 12 puberty hits, thighs get bigger but the mind is still tiny. You start feeling embarrassed about wearing anything short because "fat people don't wear short things" while you walk around with skinny friends rocking the same shorts.
At age 15 you're degraded and your body is constantly sexualised because when the norm has always been "skinny girls in shorts" when you see a fat girl wearing shorts it becomes a shock as people's thinking is still very narrow and enforces societal's "ideal standards"
This very age was an age I remember being at Foschini picking out two pairs of shorts and going to to till point in excitement, that I finally found shorts that fitted me perfectly....and I was sadly confronted with the disappointment from my father who said "No Oyama can't be wearing such short things" luckily my mother took my side and explained I was merely a kid and this is the exact stuff I should have been wearing....
My goodness wearing shorts after that debate had never been the same.
So I'd constantly wear them when I'm at home and take them off when I needed to be somewhere.
I even remember wearing them in boarding school and taking pictures on the hallway and running back to my room every time I heard someone coming (Poor thing!)
Even at the age 17, I was called into the office by the hostel's superintendent's husband who literally told me I can't be wearing short things...based on a cute skirt I had just bought from legit to go play with(Picture Below) What is shocking to know is the exact skirt I had wasn't even as short as the every skinny girl in hostel who literally lived in booty shorts and never received these comments

Growing up you don't realize what their socialization does.However, I've always had a fighting spirit within me and always fought the "normative yardstick" 
I remember my mother bought me a shorts jumpsuit(pictures below)and I had never gained the confidence to wear it until a time I was away at a friend's for a weekend and I wore it and asked the friend to take pictures of me...I couldn't believe how beautiful they looked and how good they made me felt to a point that I decided to go back to hotel wearing the jumpsuit and goodness me! The stares I received 😂

Anyway....this "fat girls cant wear shorts" situation became so lit that I was called again to the office based on a dress I wore for grade 11 dance(picture below)🙄😱 to a point that the teachers even called my parents to have a talk with me hehhe just imagine!

It's been real hard growing up constantly being told what you should and shouldn't wear because of people's own judgments and inability to change their mindsets and stop sexualising fat girls.
The shorts I wear are really NOT for your pleasure and fat girls rising and being in bikinis is not in anyway trying to prove a point....we have reached a point of celebrating ourselves and being comfortable enough to come at all the things they said we wouldn't do so STOP dictating our'll get uncomfortable until you're used to it!
We also don't need anyone to stuff their own convictions in our journey to #RadicalSelfLove

There's more to is than your preconceived ideas of seeing a fat girl in shorts.
Faki'mali uzobona 😂jokes
I happen to be a UCT triple major graduate whose on her route to a second belt with maybe you can focus on that and let me flourish in my fat girl shorts ✊🏽#Zweeerh

I also think it is important to acknowledge that a person can be multifaceted: you are allowed to be smart, read books, hustle, be a believer and twerk...PLEASE ALLOW!!

Outfit Details
Jacket Top: The Fix
Shorts: The Fix
Watch: Anne Klein
Hoop Earnings: Stylist's own
Boots: Spree

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  1. Love love love this post Oyama! Keep flying the #RadicalSelfLove flag high! Also, youre KILLIN' it in those shorts. Young and old alike could learn a lot from your body positivity. Love and light ❤��