Friday, 26 May 2017


I was reminded of a few reasons why I started the blog and the fundamental one that stood out  the most was the hashtag #RadicalSelfLove and remembering what comes with it. I was reminded that the celebration of body positivity, self worth, self love and self respect all play a huge role in the hash tag.Thus, I needed a physical reminder to embrace that, hence I went forth to asked for ladies who wanted to be part of the campaign and to my surprise the response was very positive.

On the day of the campaign we faced so many hurdles(excuse me, this was my very first campaign). BUT it makes my heart smile knowing how beautiful the day ended.
We danced, jammed, laughed, shyed away, hyped each other, ate and took loads of pictures.....WAIT FOR IT; the day was so GREAT that we ended up at Sandy Bay (which is apparently a nude beach) and BOOOOOY did we take advantage, stripped and had loads of fun celebrating the differences in our bodies.

This was a perfect day where love was shared, women were empowered and the quote "celebrating another woman's beauty does not take away from yours' was manifested.

A huge thank you to Lwando for the amazing pictures and the amazing ladies that featured in the campaign; do follow them at @plussizebeast @peaceful_giftts  @gigicrownedinhercurls and @tsholula__d 

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  1. Wow Wow Wow !!!! ❤ ❤ Thank You for this wonderful people 👐. I am Insipired��.