Sunday, 29 October 2017

Donna Girl in Lingerie!

I remember hitting puberty VERY hard that my first bra wasn’t one of those cotton sports bras but a proper wired nude boobs had grew so quickly that I got to a point where buying bras was such a hassle and struggle because at that young age the only thing I was concerned about was to still feel pretty in pretty bras...unfortunately even if I found pretty bras they came with huge tags! 


BUT OF COURSE I jumped for joy when @donnagirlsa announced their new lingerie line that has literally almost every sizes up to 48E AND the best part of that the bras are soooo pretty and sexy, they feel so amazing, sexy and they have the most comfortable straps and while you expect them to be ridiculously heart jumped for joy knowing how affordable they are too! 

I was fortunate enough to having been one of the models to model as a live mannequin at one of their lingerie launches in Cape Town...the event was a show stopper, where else have you ever seen fabulous big girls as mannequins? 

The most humbling experience was when I was walking around the shop and having people admire the same boobs I was once teased about in my younger years...this has taught me that when you finally learn to love the parts that some may find not appealing..that this is when the magic happens. Two lovely ladies came into the shop and straight to pointing at my boobs and the first thing they said was "ooh my word! it fits so perfectly" and before you know it, we were having fat chats(pun intended ;) ) about the struggles of finding the perfect bras and I was so happy to have been the one to show them the amazing bras Donna Fashion had in stores and how their faces lit up from the experience of finding bright colourful bras that are sexy, comfy and could fit perectly! 

Thank you DONNA FASHION for making me part of your lingerie launch it was everything AND MORE! Who knew being a live mannequin would be such a show stopping experience! I look forward to more GREAT THINGS together 

Ps; they also have theee best denim jeans in ALLLL sizes!!

Thank you Donna Fashion for backing the big girls!

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Outfit Details
Bra: Donna Fashion
High Waist Panty: Donna Fashion
Denim Jeans: Donna Fashion
Earings: Lovisa
Shoes: Luella 

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