Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SPICE

MAXHOSA BY LADUMA was the theme for my night! 
 Naturally of course: Intombi yom'Xhosa for Maxhosa

With the initial invitation from the man himself; I immediately got super stoked about attending the show. With the initial venue being in Camps Bay, that got me more excited. On the initial date when the shows were cancelled, I met with Laduma and the sister, Lihle whose also an absolute gem! I received the news from them that the show had been cancelled and that the organizers of Fashion Week would postpone the shows and set new dates.Although this came as a disappointment, I thought to myself: "perhaps the fashion Gods are with me" because Yammie did not have a clue on what she was going to wear that evening.

Anyway... fast forward to the 8th of April after the confirmed RSVPs and organizing outfit details; It was confirmed that the new venue was going to be at the Salt River Studios. On this day I had gone to the beach earlier on and naturally I was running late. However, once I got dressed in a rush and left with my girl, I got to the venue and luckily I was greeted by Lihle who informed us that the shows were running an hour later: 'shucks! I thought to myself! this is why I am always late!" surely I should have just calmed down and took a longer shower you know?

First things first in any fashion show...you HAVE to take a picture of yourself with the black printed background on the red carpet, while taking turns with others...because you know you have to go and show the world that you were also part of the show, and if you don't have THAT picture...were you really there?

PEOPLE AT FASHION WEEK ARE SO STUCK UP! my gosh! even celebrities are sour wanting to be recognized as being great, but because everyone else think they also great...the aura in the room just gets so tense with people trying to look like mannequins at an exclusive boutique! MY WORD! My bubbly self was ready to great everyone, take pictures and shower a lot of them with compliments... but DOLOLO!  This aura is something that has been happening since I started attending the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cpt shows and it is really disappointing considering that I always expect it to be a space where designers can mingle with their people and everyone could network and utilize the space in a conducive manner

Nonetheless, I ended the night with a beautiful show by Maxhosa which made me forget about all the drama. The pieces were too die for. One day when I am able to afford an expensive lifestyle I'll surely get this beautiful dress which was also part of the show.
📸 by: @luciapetschnig

For now, I'll be rocking my Maxhosa sock game that I wore that evening and BE GREAT! 

Dress: YDE
Bag: Mr Price
Xhosa Head Wrap: Handmade
Bangle: Handmade
Earings: Mr Price
Socks: Maxhosa
Shoes: The Fix 

Zidle Zithande Zihloniphe

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  1. You looked absolutely cute! I love how you styled those socks with the nude shoes
    Ugh, I am so sorry you had to deal with the uppidyness. I always imagined fashion week to be this cool space where fashion creatives would come and affirm each other and tell each other how cool they look. what a bummer.

    and would it be too ambitious of me to subscribe to the blog? are you coming back? coz i peeped the plus campaign talk. Will be keeping my eyes on this here crib.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni