Sunday, 9 February 2014

Conformity Harzard

Hey there. First of all, apologies for neglecting you.I am back at varsity and the leadership commitments just require so much from me. Anyway, I was thinking of how the saying " you are who you hang around with" has to be the most true when a friend of mine, Ayanda asked me to publish this beautiful article on name calling, not conforming to society as well and individuality. Enjoy:

We live in a world that fails to embrace individuality. A world that tries by all means to censor people with high self-esteems and a strong self-confidence. A world whose people resort to 'name calling' when they fail to articulate properly with their subject or rather their victim. A world that renounces positivity and progress. We (those who have unique personalities,purpose-driven,shakers,movers,leaders,innovators,creators,founders) are constantly subjugated and shamed for simply choosing not to conform to societal norms and conventions.

The select few people who master the art of pessimism,negativity and all atrocities are grounded by their quest to dismantle the big dreamers. They forget that "when the world says give up Hope whispers try one more time". They forget that movers and shakers live by this maxim of "Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of darkness". Our Non-Conformity is rooted and entrenched on so many things: it's not only for ourselves,but for those who are motivated and inspired by our mere existence. Therefore,smear campaigns to get us down are fatuous and futile since to us every setbacks are setups for comebacks. We aren't deterred and moved by the frenzy. We always epitomize this notion of "Don't let the noise destroy! They will talk. They will disapprove.

But what God anoints you with,the world cannot take away" Paulo Coelho succinctly asserts that: "Defeat is for the valiant. Only they will know the honour of losing and the joy of winning. Only the defeated know love. Because it is in the realm of love that we fight our first battles and generally lose. There are people who have never been defeated. They are the ones who never fought. They managed to avoid scars,humiliation,feelings of helplessness,as well as those moments when even warriors doubt the existence of God. Such people can say with pride: 'I never lost a battle'. 

On the other hand,they will never be able to say: 'I won a battle'. Not that they care. Continue dreaming big. Loving yourself unconditionally. Ignore the derogatory terms and slurs used to dismantle your confidence, aspire for greatness,excel in all you do,tap into your inner strength and stay in Christ no matter. Non-Conformity will take you very far in life. 

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” 
― Rita Mae Brow
StayBlessed and LoveYourself

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