Friday, 17 January 2014


I was recently featured in a Facebook page(VOLUPTUOUS VIXENS) that promotes positive and confident women and I thought it would perhaps be a good idea if I shared it on my blog as well.

Here is it:

"Fan Share 

I wrote a the following post on my Facebook page recently. After being stunned by the fact that there's still people in society with the audacity to rip ladies' self-esteems.
Yes, we may carry on and state that we shouldn't care about what society thinks. BUT because we are only human beings with feelings, we just become prone to listening. Therefore the words come back to haunt us. 
Here's the post:

"BUT! Its quite clear that society is the main reason why body
insecurities exist, more especially amongst girls.
Who has the right to determine whether a girl is
"bikini material" or NOT?
I am sorry BUT if ANY person has the audacity to make such
comments about a girl whose comfortable enough to
be in a bikini...then they clearly need to re-check the
way they see themselves"

'I love inspiring women through my personality and pictures. It's my deepest desire that every woman exudes  RADICAL SELF LOVE.
I will wear whatever I feel comfortable in, even if it makes others uncomfortable.' "

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