Friday, 4 July 2014


I have often been asked a lot of questions with regards to a healthy lifestyle and my promotion of #RadicalSelfLove

   Here's what I have to say:

Being skinny does not mean you're healthy and being thick doesn't mean you're unhealthy. YES, THAT'S IT!

As a matter of fact:  I have been in various dialogue with the fact that being skinny doesn't determine you're healthy-ness(if that's even a word) just like being thick doesn't imply you're unhealthy, so when I state that you should love yourself, I am not saying you should let yourself go BUT I am saying that you should love yourself enough to take care of THEEE TEMPLE. So NO, AM IN NO WAY PROMOTING unhealthy ways BUT I am promoting a self love relationship with you and your body + soul, to an extent that your internal love may exude in the way you take care of your beautiful exterior.

Also, I have told a lot of my thick ladies and guys to not hide behind the "thick" title and snack on that burger yet not doing anything in keeping themselves healthy. Believe you me, I cheat like every person would, because I am NOT perfect, However, I do exercise and eat properly BUT not as often as I should *hides*, but YOU KNOW WHAT? at least I get to live with the fact that I have done something towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Another thing, if you don't like or not happy/content about something on your body, CHANGE IT! :GO FOR IT! BUT with an exception that it remains a lifestyle, because the problem is: we tend to think that if we gain/ loose the weight we'll have the "happy before and after imagery", then when we fall off the wagon we became cruel to ourselves through the thoughts that we are only going to be happy once we get where we wanted to be (that being skinny or heavy) and missing the "make it a lifestyle" point.
Moreover, as most of you know, I have come to a point of pushing for radical self love and it's a daily journey that really got me thinking that if one wants that toned body, flat stomach, big arms, big tummy, etc. What ever it is really, then GO FOR IT, I only believe that it should be what YOU want and can maintain into a lifestyle.

PLEASE NOTE: the "change" shouldn't be because you aspire to be like the guys and girls portrayed to be the normative yardstick of beauty(by the media) BUT change it because YOU are creating YOUR own standards.of beauty and thus, not aspiring to other people's standards. Furthermore, I hope this explains a lot as might find the fact that I go to gym, contradictory. Let me tell you: number 1: I believe in the notion of loving myself by taking care of myself through making efforts to stay healthy(this is BMI considered) and number 2: it's simply: I KNOW MY OWN BEAUTY STANDARDS and I am abiding by them :)

ps: I have also been constantly challenging my body through following yoga pages and trying out a few poses and eradicating various stigmas in the process, you know what? IT FEELS AMAZING... TRY IT!


  1. Love this post. This way you start the change to more minds open to love their bodies and treat with respect anothers. I wanna read more about this in your next post :)

    1. I will be updating my blog soon. Thank you for taking your time to read, keep sharing please :)