Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Introducing: Oyama

For my first post, I thought I should put the face to the name by uploading my "bikini breakthrough" image. This image was taken in September 2013 when I got fed up by what society was perceiving a "bikini body". It didn't take long when I decided to pop in at  Mr Price and buy my own and rock it!

Do Note: I usually edit my pictures before uploading. However, this one is edit-free because I want to let women out there know that those circles on your thighs and the flab on your arms are PERFECTLY normal.

StayBlessed and LoveYourself


  1. Love it Oyama <3! How poetic I should see the post about your blog today, just this morning I was commending H&M ( albeit over Twitter,hehe) on an advertorial they had featuring a healthy curvy woman! I mentioned how refreshing a sight it was, especially nowadays when young women and girls aspire to have 'thigh gaps' and concave stomach's. YOU my dear are BEAUTIFUL! And you know it!! Will be following your blog :)! Mine is :

  2. Sive You're such a beautiful soul! Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment. Truly appreciated. Moreover, I do agree with you on the "thigh gap and concave stomachs" issue. Unfortunately the media is enforcing such notions. Therefore, as women we need to stand together to eradicate such as well as learn to love ourselves and be content with what we have, as well as change what is possible to change.

    I will definitely be checking out your blog! :)