Monday, 17 February 2014

Rising for JUSTICE

I am RISING not only for the girls but boys as well, whose mothers fail to become their voices after they have been abused by their brothers, uncles and fathers...with the reasoning of their mothers being adjusted to "protecting their family". More often than not, the injustice rises when adults become more afraid of wrongful accusation(especially when family is involved) than they are of protecting a child from experiencing abuse.

Moreover, not only am I RISING for the women who get too insecure in relationships and kill themselves for "not being loved enough" BUT I also RISE so that they can reach a momentum of radical self love and know their self-worth. 
NOT only that but for the men as well, because we NEED a JUST society whereby there is a need for "take a boy child to school" campaigns, because "self love and knowing you self worth" isn't something that only needs to be installed to our girls. 

Therefore, here is to RISING so that our boys are also get taken of, because at the end of the day we cannot "fix" our girls for broken boys who are facing identity crisis with the wrong idea of what masculinity is.

After all: Justice is Being FAIR and JUST.

As a fellow young Xhosa woman I RISE for the betterment of oomama notata Africa! I say: Masibambaneni izandla, sincedisane ukuphakamisa i-Afrika 


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